About / FAQ

Who's running this?

This site is run by the Open Humans Foundation and is covered by Open Humans' Terms of Use and Data Use Policy. You can always get in touch with us at support@openhumans.org.

See this project's page on Open Humans:

See this app's code on GitHub:

What does this do?

This site allows you to link your Oura account and your Open Humans account. Once you have created these links we will create and regularly update an archive of your Oura data on Open Humans.

How does it work?

You can log in into this site with your Open Humans account. This allows us to deposit data in your Open Humans account.

After this you can connect your Oura account to this site. This enables us to access your Oura data. We will automatically ask Oura for new data in regular intervals. These data will be written into an archive in your Open Humans account.

Your data is private by default. Open Humans gives you the ability to share data with projects you select, but only if and when you choose to do so.

What we get from Oura

We only request the personal and daily permissions. These permissions enable us to read your daily entries for sleep, activities and readiness along with your age/sex/weight.

We do not get access to your email address!

Data management

This site can access and store various types of data for visitors and associated with connected accounts.

When you connect an Oura account, this site will access the following data and store it as an archive in your Open Humans account.

  1. Your profile (age, weight, gender)
  2. Your sleep records
  3. Your activity records
  4. Your readiness records

The site also stores the following data when you connect accounts from Oura and Open Humans.

  1. an anonymous identifier for your Open Humans account
  2. authentication credentials that allow us to read & write your Oura archive on Open Humans
  3. authentication credentials that allow us to read your data from Oura

Finally, this site's hoster Heroku stores and gives us access to the IP addresses of visitors, and pages visited on this site. These logs may be stored for up to a week.

You can always delete your account and all associated data from the Dashboard. This includes the Open Humans and Oura authentication credentials, i.e. we won't be able to access your Open Humans & Oura accounts any longer.

Removing the authorization on Open Humans does not automatically delete your Oura archive on Open Humans; if you want this to occur, you should delete your account here before withdrawing from this project in the Open Humans site.